Wednesday, 8 February 2017


Full disclosure: it’s been a long while since I picked up a Sophie Kinsella novel, the last one being her classic CONFESSION OF A SHOPAHOLIC in 2010. In fact, it’s the only title of hers that I have read so far. BUT I had a ball with it, so much so that I fail to comprehend the reason why I didn’t pursue with the series. Too many books too little time, I guess. I still have them all lined up on my shelf as I still plan to go through with them come hell or high water, and I mean that. I did jump ahead, however, to review her newest MY NOT SO PERFECT LIFE (Dial Press). You have to understand that when I saw that title on NetGalley I simply couldn’t resist. The publisher graciously granted my request and, without further ado, here’s my two cents. 

MY NOT SO PERFECT LIFE is in the same league as CONFESSION OF A SHOPAHOLIC, and that certainly is a good thing. The author had drawn another wacky but sensitive character that always manages somehow to get caught in uncompromising positions. Her name is Katie, country girl Katie, but for her London stay she prefers to be called Cat. Cat works in advertisement and comes up with wonderful ideas, some that she’d like to share with her ambitious but mean-spirited boss (sort of like Miriam Shor’s character in TV’s YOUNGER). But being stuck making boring surveys all day definitely fails to help the situation—until she decides to assert herself and squeeze herself into a meeting. What comes next is a roller coaster ride for self-entitlement as our heroine jumps from one job to another, one that clearly reminds her that home is where the ambition is.  

I could talk and talk about the plot, like the all lies she tells online to show that she has this fab life, or the attraction she has for this sexy fellow who turns out to be her boss’ partner, but that would spoil the fun of reading this gem. MY NOT SO PERFECT LIFE is funny, well-written, touching and overall very endearing. Perhaps not so original per se but at the hands of Kinsella anything is possible.  She has definitely not lost her touch. I will definitely pick up another one of her novels, and this time the gap between titles will be that much shorter. I swear on my so perfect life—not.


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